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Can You Get a Passport if You Owe Taxes? Navigating the IRS Maze

Can You Get a Passport if You Owe Taxes? Navigating the IRS Maze

Owing money to the IRS raises a crucial question: Can you get a passport if you owe taxes? Recent legal amendments have thrust this issue into the spotlight. We’ll explore the details, tackle frequently asked questions, and provide practical guidance.

When Does the IRS Intervene?

The IRS has the authority to notify the State Department about your tax debts, a process known as “certification.” If you owe more than $50,000, including penalties and interest, the IRS can prevent you from getting a new passport or even limit the use of your current one.

Eligibility Criteria

Even if you owe the IRS, there are conditions under which you can still get a passport. These include:

  • Being on an installment agreement and making timely payments
  • Settling your debt through an offer in compromise
  • Requesting a Collection Due Process hearing after a levy or lien notice

How To Ascertain Your IRS Debt Status

If you’re grappling with uncertainty about your tax obligations, you’re not alone. Many wonder if you can get a passport if you owe back taxes. The first step to answering these questions is to determine your standing with the IRS. You have a couple of options for this:

  1. Phone Inquiry: One straightforward method involves dialing the IRS customer service. They can provide real-time updates on your account.
  2. Online Account: The IRS offers an online tool where you can view your tax account, including any outstanding debts. This digital method offers the convenience of 24/7 access.

By taking these steps, you can clarify your financial obligations and plan your next move accordingly.

What To Do if You Owe the IRS

If you find yourself in debt with the IRS, you have several options:

  1. Set up an installment plan: This is often the quickest way to regain your eligibility for a passport.
  2. Offer in Compromise: This involves negotiating a reduced amount to settle your debt.
  3. Collection Due Process hearing: If you disagree with the IRS, you can request a hearing.

What to Bring for Your Passport Application

If you’ve sorted out your tax issues, the next step is to apply for your passport. Make sure you know what documents to bring for a smooth application process.

Act Now, Don’t Delay

If you owe taxes and need a passport, time is of the essence. The State Department will hold your application for 90 days to allow you to resolve your IRS issues. Once cleared, you can proceed with your application.

Your Next Steps for a Stress-Free Travel Experience

If you find yourself asking if you can get a passport if you owe the IRS, don’t panic. As long as your tax debts are not “seriously delinquent” or you’ve made arrangements with the IRS, you can still travel internationally. For expedited services and more, consider reaching out to Passport Express. They can help you navigate the complexities of passport applications, even if you’re dealing with IRS issues. For more information, visit their passport office in Atlanta today.

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