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Can You Wear a Hijab in Your Passport Photo? Guidelines to Know

Can You Wear a Hijab in Your Passport Photo? Guidelines to Know

Many Muslim women who wear the hijab wonder if they can keep it on for their passport photo. The answer is yes—you can wear a hijab in your U.S. passport photo as long as you follow a few specific guidelines. Here’s what you need to know if you’re wondering if you can wear a hijab for a passport photo?

Hijab Should Not Obscure the Face

The U.S. passport photo guidelines generally don’t allow head coverings or anything that obscures the face. But they do make an exception for religious head coverings like hijabs, as long as your face is still fully visible.

When wearing a hijab in your passport photo, your entire face must be seen clearly. That means your hijab can’t cast any shadows on your face or cover any part of your face, from your hairline down to your chin and from ear to ear. Passport photos need to capture all your facial features so you can be easily identified.

Choose a Dark, Solid-Colored Hijab

Style your hijab so that it’s not covering your forehead, cheeks, or jaw. It’s best to wear a hijab in a solid, dark color rather than a bright color or one with a pattern. The dark color will contrast with your face so that your features are clear.

Make sure you have good lighting when you take your passport photo too. Natural light is best to avoid glare and shadows. And wear a shirt or dress that’s a different color than your hijab. A contrasting color will also help make your face stand out.

Niqabs and Burqas Not Allowed

Some coverings like niqabs and burqas aren’t allowed in passport photos, though, because they cover part of your face. Only religious head coverings that leave your full face visible are accepted.

U.S. passport agencies do their best to allow for religious head coverings while still enforcing the photo guidelines they need to verify identity. You absolutely can wear a hijab for a passport photo as long as you follow these rules about keeping your face visible and clear.

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