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Can You Wear Glasses While Clicking a Passport Photo

Can You Wear Glasses While Clicking a Passport Photo: What Should You Know

Applying for a passport in the US requires a passport photo that meets specific requirements. You may need essential documents like a valid i.d., birth certificate, and proof of citizenship. And you also need to provide a passport photo.


Regarding passport photos, many people are curious if they can wear glasses in the picture. The answer is yes. However, specific guidelines must be followed when photographing a passport with glasses.

We will explain the requirements for glasses in passport photos and how to take a picture while wearing glasses that meet all regulations.

Who Can Wear Glasses in Passport Photos?

Only people with medical or vision conditions which require them to wear glasses for daily life may keep their glasses on in a passport photo. The eyeglasses must have no tint, glare, or reflection that obscures any portion of the face and eyes.

Also, people who have recently had laser eye surgery (within the last six weeks) are allowed to wear glasses in their passport photo.

Why Should You Not Wear Glasses in Passport Photos?

When taking a passport photo, it is best to avoid wearing glasses for a few reasons. Firstly, the flash from the camera can cause a reflection on the lenses of your glasses and obscure part of your face. This makes it difficult to identify you in the photograph clearly and could lead to delays when processing your passport.

Secondly, your glasses must not be obscuring components of your face, such as your eyebrows or eyes.

This will make the passport workplace reject your photograph and make you retake it as soon as you have eliminated your glasses.

Lastly, sporting glasses can additionally create shadows on your face, distorting the photo and making it more difficult for the passport workplace to confirm your identity.

For these reasons, removing your glasses when taking a passport photo is best to ensure the image is clear and easily identifiable. If you must wear glasses in your passport photo, then make sure they are not obscuring any parts of your face and that there are no reflections on the lenses from the flash. Doing this will significantly improve the likelihood of accepting your passport photo.

Passport services decided to prohibit using glasses in passport photos after the State Department rejected many photos of applicants wearing glasses. To avoid a similar situation, it is essential to take the passport photo according to the regulations and not wear glasses when taking your photograph.

Can a Child Wear Glasses in a Passport Photo?

Children cannot wear glasses in a passport photo, as the glare from glasses may affect the quality of the photograph. This rule applies to both prescription and non-prescription glasses. Even if your child needs glasses for vision correction, they must remove them before taking their passport photo.

If your child’s eyeglasses are necessary to correct vision, you should consult a professional photographer to see if they can be retouched in the photo. However, this is at the photographer’s discretion and may incur additional charges.

Sometimes, your child may be allowed to wear glasses for medical reasons. In this instance, you must provide supporting medical documentation when submitting your application form. The medical documentation must explain why your child must wear glasses in their passport photo.

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