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Do I Need A Passport Cover?

Do I Need A Passport Cover?

Your passport is the most important collection of paper that you can own. It allows you to explore new lands and expand your world. So of course, you should do everything you can to keep it safe.

For instance, many people place holders or covers on their passports. But do you need a passport holder in the first place? Let’s answer that question, as well as how to use a passport holder if you do get one.

Do I Need A Passport Holder?

A passport holder can be thought of as a type of book cover. That’s because in essence, your passport is a book. It has several pages and a front and back cover.

So passport covers fit over the ends of the passport and protect it from the outside in. That said, what are some reasons you might want a passport cover?

Wear and Tear

Anything that’s made of paper and plastic is going to wear down eventually. Just think of other ID documents you might have like a license. They start out shiny and new. But life happens and your passport can get shredded up or dirty over time.

That’s one of the main reasons to get a holder. It can lengthen the time between needing to replace your passport.


A quick way to ruin your passport is to let it get wet. While it has some protective coating, too much water will still soak through.

So if you end up being caught in the rain, a passport cover can be a blessing. Just wipe off the cover and move about your day like normal.


You don’t want to go around advertising that you have your passport on you. In foreign lands, it’s a quick way to be identified as a tourist. In other words, it makes you a target.

This is especially true for Americans. So you can make it look like you just have a small booklet on you instead of a life changing document.

Attaching to Lanyard

Don’t want to worry about dropping your passport during your travels? You can use a cover that has a lanyard attachment. It will hang around your neck or otherwise be tied to another secure item.

How To Use Passport Holders

To use a passport holder, simply place one cover of the passport into the front sleeve. Then, place the other into the rear fold of the holder. From here, you’ll still be able to open and close your passport easily.

Of course, if you’re running out of pages in your passport, you may need to get a bigger holder eventually. So have a replacement in mind before it gets to that point.

Summary — Do I Need A Passport Wallet?

So, after all of that, do you need a passport cover? It turns out it’s a pretty good idea. After all, you wouldn’t simply leave your driver’s license hanging around instead of in your wallet or purse.

But there are a lot of tips and tricks when it comes to passport knowledge that you might not know about. Contact the Roswell passport and visa service experts today. Get advice on how to acquire your passport and keep it safe and up to date so you can travel at will.

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