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Do I Need Real ID If I Have A Passport?

Do I Need Real ID If I Have A Passport?

Getting your passport is one of the best things you can do for your personal freedom. You can travel almost anywhere in the world thanks to the strength of an American passport.

But still, the government loves to add more and more rules and regulations all the time. You might have heard about Real IDs which are increasingly becoming mandated.

This leads to the question “Why get a real ID if I have a passport?” So let’s answer this question once and for all in this post:

Can You Use A Passport Instead Of Real ID?

Being a passport office in Roswell GA, a lot of people ask Passport Express “Can I use a passport instead of a real ID?” Again, this is a natural thing to wonder about.

You want to have all your documentation early so you don’t have any gaps in domestic travel — whether by plane, train, or car.

However, you can definitely use your passport in situations that require a real ID. It makes sense when you think about it, since you need even more proof of identity for a passport than anything else.

Do You Need a Real ID If You Have A Passport?

Essentially, a passport supersedes your Real ID you might get for the local DMV. So you don’t necessarily have to rush to renew your license if you already have your passport handy.

So the answer to “Do I need real ID if I have a passport” is no. Your passport is a Real ID already.

Why Get A Real ID If I Have A Passport

Some people might choose to have some redundancy in their personal IDs. For instance, if you were to lose your passport, it might take a few days or weeks to get a rush service to deliver the new one.

Furthermore, you might like to store different IDs in different places. You don’t necessarily want to bring your passport with you as you drive around or fly from somewhere like NYC to LA.


Do you need a real ID if you have a passport? Not always, which is why a passport is such a great investment. Contact Passport Express today and learn more about the benefits of passports.

Plus learn key tips on applying for your passport, such as the kind of facial expression you can have in your photo. That way, you’re as prepared as possible to start traveling to your dream location. Take the first step now.

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