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How Often Do I Have To Renew My Passport?

How Often Do I Have To Renew My Passport?

It can be easy to forget “How often do you have to renew your passport?” However, it’s incredibly important to keep this document up to date. Otherwise you might not be able to travel internationally to the places that you want to go to — whether it’s for business or for personal use.

Let’s make sure that you keep your passport in good standing. Here’s what you need to know about “How often do you need to renew your passport?”

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How Often To Renew A Child’s Passport?

If the child is before the age of 16, then both parents or guardians need to be present. And a child’s passport is typically only good for 5 years. However, you need to travel before the passport is within 6 months of its expiration.

That essentially means that passports are good for 4 and a half years for minors. Child passports can only last until someone’s 21st birthday, if the passport was applied for before the child’s 16th birthday.

How Often Should You Renew Second Passports?

Many citizens can have more than one passport. Second passport books or cards are only valid for four years, however. There are also restrictions for entering foreign countries, just as any traditional 10-year document would have.

Similar to other passport documents, keep an eye out for the expiration date. Most countries will not let you enter if you have less than six months left on your passport.

How Often Should You Renew Standard Passport Books?

A standard passport, also called a passport book, lasts for 10 years if it was not issued greater than 15 years ago. You can apply in person at a passport agency in the U.S. or an embassy or consulate if you are abroad.

Applications can also be accepted via mail. However, unlike first-time applicants, you do not need to provide proof of citizenship in person. You can simply provide your expired passport book for proof.

Keep in mind, if you wait longer than five years from the date that the passport expires, you won’t be able to achieve a renewal. And you’ll have to go through the entire process again — just like it was your first time.

How Long Does It Take To Renew A Passport If You Have An Emergency?

Renewal applications can be expedited in just a couple of days if you have proof that you’re traveling immediately. This is particularly true if your reasons for travel include death or medical emergencies.

In Person Applications

In-person applications let you verify the start date of your passport. However, you may lose a few days of passport validity as it’s submitted through the mail.

If you need to leave the country within a few days, then you should make an appointment at the closest regional passport agency available.

Ensure to provide proof of your travel and documentation about the reason that you’re going. Of course, whether or not your application is approvable depends on the season and how many applicants are currently awaiting approval.

However, it’s sometimes possible for a renewed passport to be returned in as little as one to three business days. If this is possible for your situation, then you should also know that your passport will be valid for the full 10 years as well.

Simply understand that the expiration date of emergency passports is considered limited validity documents.

If they are issued from a consulate or embassy abroad, these types of documents are only used for terminating an international trip to come back to the US.

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