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What Does Your Passport Hair Color Need To Be?


In today’s day and age, people love to change their hair color frequently. If you’re looking into getting your passport, you’ll need a photo to go along with it. You’re probably wondering what the rules are regarding the hair color on your passport.

For instance, if you normally have brunette hair, can you have a different hair color like pink on your passport? So in this article, let’s break down the rules regarding passport photo and hair color changes.

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Hair Color: Passport Rules

If you’ve read anything about passport requirements, you’ve noticed a common theme. Your photo needs to look like you. However, you have to understand the higher level principles that the governmental agencies are using.

What they truly want to do is be able to identify your facial patterns to ensure that you’re not faking your identity. That being said, according to the National Passport Information Center, you can have any hair color that you’d like. You don’t need to change your passport every time you change your hair color.

So while you should definitely connect with a passport agency to get your original photo taken, you won’t need to take another one just from changing your hairstyle or getting a new color.

However, just make sure that the natural hair color that you were born with or typically have is written in your passport book. Your hair color options for passports are fairly wide open as long as you are consistent.

Significant Changes And Other Rules Regarding Hair And Passport Pictures

The most important passport photo rule is that it needs to be up to date. In other words, it needs to represent how you currently look as much as possible. If you’ve undergone a significant change, then you may need to get a new passport photo.

A significant change includes facial surgery, such as gender transition, large scarring or facial injury, skin color change, severe weight loss or weight gain. Luckily many of these are rare and none of them include a change in your hairstyle.

Can Kids Change Their Hair Color Without Getting A New Passport?

Just like adults can dye their hair and not worry about getting new passport photos, so too can kids. They won’t need to renew their passport photo just because they have some hair dye or different hairstyle.

Additional Considerations

While your hair color doesn’t matter, your hairstyle may matter in certain scenarios. The main thing to keep in mind with your hairstyle is that it needs to stay out of your face to avoid covering up your eyes, forehead, mouth, nose or other identifying facial features.

So it’s best to get to use a hairstyle that has your hair out of the way of your face and tucked behind your ears if at all possible.

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