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What Should You Do With Your Old Passport? A Comprehensive Guide

What Should You Do With Your Old Passport? A Comprehensive Guide

You’ve just renewed your passport, and now you’re left with an old one. It’s a common dilemma: what to do with old passports? This guide aims to answer that question and more, offering you a variety of options for your old travel document.

Why Keep an Old Passport?

Firstly, let’s address what you do with old passports when they expire. An old passport serves as a valuable keepsake, a tangible record of your travels. It can also function as valid proof of your citizenship and identity. So, if you’re wondering what to do with an old passport after renewal, consider keeping it for these reasons.

Important Considerations

If you decide to keep your old passport, remember that it can still serve as proof of identity. This comes in handy when you’re getting a new driver’s license or even a new birth certificate. Also, if your old passport contains visas, you might want to hold onto it. Most countries allow you to transfer a valid visa from an old passport to a new one.

How To Dispose of an Old Passport Safely

If you’re leaning toward disposal, what do you do with an old passport then? It’s crucial to destroy it properly to prevent identity theft. Cutting it into tiny pieces or burning it are some of the recommended methods.

Creative Uses for Old Passports

For those with an artistic bent, old passports offer a unique medium for creativity. You can use the pages and stamps to create art pieces. So, what you do with your old passport can also be a question of how creative you can get with it.

Renewing Licenses and Visas

An old passport can simplify the process of renewing your driver’s license. It can also assist in the visa application process, as it may contain your expired visa information. So, what to do with an old passport becomes a question with multiple answers, depending on your needs.

Inspiring the Next Generation

Your old passport can serve as an inspiration for younger family members. It can encourage them to explore the world and appreciate different cultures. So, an old passport can also be about passing on a legacy of exploration and understanding.

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Final Thoughts and Next Steps

So, you’ve got options when it comes to passport renewal in Atlanta, GA, and what to do with your old one. Whether you choose to keep it for sentimental reasons, use it for legal purposes, or even turn it into art, the choice is yours. Ready to take the next step in your travel journey? Trust Passport Express Inc. for all your passport needs.

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