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What to Bring for your Passport Application?

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Passports are a crucial document for any international travel. If your passport gets misplaced, damaged, or expired, you won’t be able to travel, so it is essential to have the proper paperwork and documents with you when applying.


Here is a complete list of what you need to bring for your application:

1) Primary ID

You will need to bring your primary proof of identity. This can include:

a) A driver’s license issued by a state, U.S. territory, or the District of Columbia

b) A government-issued ID card

c) A current military ID card

d) An expired passport that is not damaged or mutilated

e) A naturalization certificate or Certificate of Citizenship

f) An unexpired foreign passport with an I-551 stamp or a valid U.S. visa

2) Secondary ID

In addition to the primary proof of identity, you will need to present a secondary form of identification. This could be any one of the following:

a) A Social Security card or recent W-2 form

b) An original or certified copy of a U.S. birth certificate

c) A certificate of U.S. citizenship or naturalization

d) A court order or adoption decree issued in the United States with a seal and signature

e) A voter registration card

f) An employee identification card

g) A major medical insurance card

h) Military dependent’s ID card

What Forms Should You Fill Out?

If you are applying for a passport in person, you must fill out a few forms.

1) DS-11

The DS-11 form is the Application for a U.S. Passport and is required for all new passport applications and for replacing a lost or stolen one. It must be completed online or printed and filled in by hand with black ink only.

This form contains details like:

a) Your name

b) Your date and place of birth

c) Your Social Security Number

d) Parental Information

e) Address

f) Current passport information (if applicable).

2) DS-64

The DS-64 form is the Statement of Consent: Issuance of a Passport to a Minor Under Age 16. The form should be filled and signed by anyone with parental or legal guardian rights over the minor applying for the passport. If only one parent holds these rights, they must provide a copy of evidence with the application, such as their birth certificate or court documents like a divorce decree. The DS-64 form is available online, or you can pick one up from a passport acceptance facility.

3) Applicable Fees

Finally, you must pay the applicable fees when applying for a passport. This includes both the application fee and the execution fee, which can vary based on your age and passport type. The fee is paid directly to the Department of State, while the execution fee is paid to the acceptance facility that serves as your witness. Make sure you bring payment in the form of a check or money order made out to the “U.S. Department of State” for both fees, as personal checks and credit cards are not accepted.

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