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When Is It Necessary to Update Your Passport Photo?

When Is It Necessary to Update Your Passport Photo?

US passports are valid for 10 years. The question that bothers many passport holders is what happens when they change in appearance. Does it mean getting a new passport photo taken, or do you need a new picture only when renewing your passport?

You do not need a new passport photo taken when your appearance changes. However, there are certain circumstances that require you to get a new passport photo. In this article, we will determine when you need a new photo to renew your passport.

When to Update Your Passport Photo

There are different circumstances that might warrant getting a new picture to renew your passport. The Department of State requires that you take a new passport photo if your appearance has changed significantly and you look different from what is in your photo. Significant changes that require you to take a new passport photo include:

  • A major facial trauma: Life is unpredictable, and you can get into an accident that causes significant changes in your facial appearance. Even after making a full recovery, there might be major changes on your face, and the Department of State will require that you take another passport photo.
  • Facial Surgery: The Department of State requires that you take a new passport photo if you have carried out any facial surgery that has changed your appearance significantly. You need a new passport photo that matches your new appearance, especially if the facial surgery changed important aspects of facial identification.
  • Significant Weight Loss: You may have taken your passport when you were physically smaller, but now you have gained a large amount of weight that makes your face look different.
  • Gender Transition: You may have had your passport when you still identified with one gender, and now you have undergone a gender transition process that has changed how you look. Those major changes require that you take a new passport photo.
  • Added or Removed Extensive Facial Piercings or Tattoos: More often than not, our piercings and tattoos are unique identifiers. If your passport features extensive tattoos that you no longer have, you are required to take a new photo that reflects your new appearance.

Do You Need to Expedite Your Passport Renewal?

It is critical that you get a new passport photo when you no longer resemble the image on your passport. However, it takes about 6–8 weeks waiting time for your new passport to be processed. If you need your passport expedited within 3 weeks, Passport Express, with its extensive connection with international consulates and embassies, can help you secure a new passport faster. Contact us for expedited passport renewal in Atlanta.

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