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Countries That Require Visa for U.S. Citizens

Which Countries Require US Citizens to Have a Visit Visa?

U.S. citizens can travel to many countries without an advance visa. These include countries like:

  • Belize
  • Canada
  • France
  • Iceland
  • Italy
  • Mexico

However, in some countries, US citizens still need to present their visas in advance. Denial on your visa for any of these countries means you can’t visit there. Thus, it’s crucial to learn the six main reasons why a country officials might deny a passport.

Countries that require U.S. Citizens to have a Visit Visa

If you keep these reasons in mind, you will hardly have any problems getting a visa. Let’s look at the top countries that require U.S. citizens to have a visa when visiting.


U.S. citizens applying for an Australian visit visa need to notify the Australian government in advance or the Electronic Travel Authority (ETA). 

The process is simple and digital, which means that U.S. citizens can complete it from home. Applicants can also purchase the ETA online at least 24 hours before departure.

The electronic tourist visas can last up to a year, allowing citizens to travel multiple times in a single year. Staying up to 90 days in Australia can cost $20 per person.


U.S. citizens can get their visas on arrival in Bolivia, but the process involves a lot of complicated paperwork. Therefore, U.S. citizens should apply online in advance and sort out the process. There’s an application form, the applicant’s photographs invitation from the resident, and sufficient funds before entering Bolivia. There’s a $160 fee that visitors have to pay, which they accept at the border in cash.


U.S citizens traveling for non-visa purposes can apply for the Hong Kong visa-free entry, offering a 90-day free stay. However, applicants need to purchase an online visa before entering the Chinese mainland. The requirement cost is up to $140, which applicants need to pay upfront.

The visa allows multiple entries over this period for ten years. However, the U.S. passport should be valid for a year when applying for a Chinese visit visa.


It’s no surprise that U.S. citizens require an advance visa when visiting Cuba, given the scarred relationship between the two countries. However, there are only a few standard requirements that the applicants nee to meet before getting their visa.

Bottom Line

The U.S. passport does need advance visa applications for some countries. The process and requirements of these visit visas can be new to some people, so hiring a professional can be a great alternative. We suggest contacting Passport Express for expedited passport in Atlanta to make the process simpler and more accessible. Do you know if it’s possible to travel with an expired passport? Our blog has the answer – Can You Travel With An Expired Passport: Key Details

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