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Emergency Passport Alpharetta

Need a passport, visa, or travel document on short notice? Don’t wait in line, don’t accept 8-11 business week wait times, and don’t stay stranded. The US Department of State authorizes Passport Express to expedite the passport application process. Whether you need passport renewal or you’re getting one for the first time, Passport Express can get it done at lightning speed. We don’t just do passports; we provide visas for many countries. You can order birth certificates, too! You can get your passport in as little as 48 hours by working with us! If you need to travel ASAP, call Passport Express or click the button below to start your expedited passport application!

Passport Processing in 24-48 Hours!

We offer fast, easy, secure, and hassle-free services with a 24-48 hour turnaround time.
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Expedited Passport Application & Renewal Services in Alpharetta, GA

Need to travel for an emergency, but don’t have a valid passport? You can get your passport in as little as 48 hours.


Emergencies happen, and sometimes you need to travel on short notice. But if your passport has expired, you might not be able to reach your destination. We’ve solved that problem by providing expedited passport applications and renewals in as little as 48 hours. Just bring your proof of travel and we’ll get your passport in the nick of time.

Tourist & Business Visa Services in Alpharetta, GA

Skip the lines and get into your destination country with fast, expedited tourist and business visa services from Passport Express.

If you need to get to a country but cannot get a visa in time, Passport Express can help. We can secure visas for many countries in a matter of days. Whether you need a tourist or business visa, Passport Express can ensure your eligibility to enter the country. Need information about specific countries? Give us a call and we’ll help you through the visa application process.

Birth Certificate Services in Alpharetta, GA

Get a birth certificate for your proof of citizenship, driver’s license application, or permanent resident application in days, not weeks.

If you can’t find your birth certificate, but need it urgently, don’t worry. Passport Express is here to help. Our team will help you secure your birth certificate for anything you may need. No matter which state you were born in, Passport Express can handle the process for you with no hassle.











Emergency Passport Service in Atlanta

Emergencies happen, and you might need to travel soon.

If you have an emergency trip out of the country our team of professionals is ready to help you obtain the necessary travel documents for your destination Country. Let us assist in every step of the way. We secure passports and visas in as little as 24-48hrs.





Expedited passport processing in Alpharetta typically takes 3-5 weeks. If you are traveling within 14-21 days, please contact our office at (770) 594-2256 for urgent processing to ensure that your passport is ready in time. We’re here to help you get your passport as quickly as possible!

Yes, we can speed up the process of getting a passport with our expedited services. Depending on your travel date and individual needs, we offer various options to help you get your passport in time. For more specific information, please contact our passport office in Alpharetta, GA. We are here to help!

We understand the urgency of your travel needs and offer 24-48 hour passport service for those needing an emergency passport or an expired/lost passport. For more information, please call (770) 594-2256. We are here to help make your passport process as seamless as possible.

The cost of an expedited passport in Alpharetta varies depending on the type of service you need and individual requirements. However, you will have to pay an additional fee for expedited processing. For more information and specific pricing, please contact our passport office in Alpharetta, GA.