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Setting off on an adventure to China? Get your trip off to a smooth start with The Passport Express. Our China tourist visa application process is meticulously designed to simplify the complexities, providing you with a straightforward path to securing your Chinese visa. Benefit from our Chinese visa express service, which expedites the process while maintaining top-notch security, ensuring a hassle-free visa acquisition experience. Our dedication to your satisfaction is evident in our exceptional success rate for visa approvals.

Opt for The Passport Express and gain a knowledgeable partner, who is well-versed in the nuances of Chinese visa applications. We cater to both tourists and business travelers, ensuring a smooth application process for all. Our comprehensive support spans from the initial application to the final approval, enabling you to focus on your travel plans without the burden of paperwork. Apply today and move a step closer to your Chinese exploration, confident in our expert handling throughout the process.


China Tourist Visa Application Made Easy

Discover the convenience of obtaining a China tourist eVisa—a digitally streamlined way to secure entry permission for visiting China. As part of the comprehensive Chinese visa application process, this electronic alternative aims to accelerate approvals while maintaining accessibility for global explorers. By applying online, you can skip lengthy visits to consulates or embassies, saving time and effort during your trip planning.

The Passport Express specifically focuses on easing the process of securing a China tourist visa. Our expertise ensures accurate completion and submission of forms, reducing potential mistakes often encountered when navigating complex procedures independently. By choosing our services, rest assured knowing that every detail will receive meticulous attention from experienced professionals who understand what makes successful applications stand out among others. We strive to provide unparalleled customer satisfaction so that all visitors may enjoy worry-free travels throughout beautiful China. The ultimate destination awaits those ready to embrace new experiences via efficient yet thorough processes like ours.









Eligibility Criteria for the China Tourist Visa: Ensure Your Application Success

To ensure a successful application, applicants must have a passport that remains valid for at least six months beyond their planned entry date and includes at least two blank pages for stamps. This visa caters primarily to those looking to explore China’s rich cultural heritage and scenic beauty and connect with family and friends. It’s vital for tourists to ensure their documents align with these requirements to avoid any hiccups in their travel plans.

At The Passport Express, we specialize in simplifying the Chinese visa application process for our clients. We provide comprehensive support in gathering all necessary documents, including a filled-out application form, recent passport-style photographs, a confirmed travel itinerary, accommodations proof, and financial stability proof for the stay’s duration. Our streamlined approach demystifies the eligibility criteria, making it easier for travelers to secure their visas. By following our guidance, applicants can enhance their chances of a smooth and successful China tourist visa application.

Duration and Validity of Your China Tourist Visa

Applying for a China tourist visa comes with its set of specifics, especially when considering the duration and validity. Typically, this visa grants a 30-day stay from the entry date, which is perfect for group travelers exploring the wonders of China. However, it’s essential to kickstart your journey within 15 days post-approval, keeping the visa from becoming null. The clock is ticking from the moment you get the green light, so timing your entry is key to making the most out of your adventure. Remember, we also provide passport and visa services in Marietta, Buckhead, Sandy Springs, and other locations, you can ensure you’re ready to go when the opportunity arises.

For U.S. passport holders eyeing a lengthier exploration, the China tourist visa application opens doors to a 10-year multiple-entry marvel, allowing visits of up to 60 days at a stretch. This golden ticket requires your passport to boast over a year’s validity, ensuring that your exploration dreams don’t hit a snag due to paperwork timelines. At The Passport Express, we excel in handling these details, ensuring your China tourist visa goes beyond your travel dreams.

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You’ll need a passport valid for more than six months with two blank pages and a completed Visa Application Form with a recent photograph. The visa type may require additional documents like round-trip flight tickets, hotel bookings, or an invitation letter from a contact in China.

The time it takes to process a China visa application can differ. Typically, it takes about four to five business days to process visa applications. For an extra charge, expedited services can greatly reduce this time.

Yes, our platform offers online tracking, allowing you to monitor the progress of your China tourist visa application every step of the way. You can see right where your application is in the process.

Yes, for the China visa application, the photograph must be a recent passport photo, 48mm x 33mm, bare-headed, full face, and against a light background. It is crucial that these specifications are met to avoid any issues with your application.