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What Happens If My Passport Photo Is Rejected?

What Happens If My Passport Photo Is Rejected?

Just imagine you’re all excited to get your passport and travel internationally. However, you notice that it gets rejected. So what do you do now? What happens if your passport photo is rejected?

Well, there are various reasons why a passport photo can be rejected. But either way, it can cause major delays in getting your passport book in your hands. So let’s talk about the process after rejection and how to turn it around so you can get your document as soon as possible.

Passport Photo Rule Mistakes

Before applying, let’s talk about some of the common reasons that passport photos might be rejected. If you violate any of these rules, then it could decrease your chances of having your passport approved.

  • Passport was taken more than six months ago
  • Passport was not printed on special paper, like matte or glossy
  • Passport was not stapled in the right area of the application
  • Passport did not have the correct size, which is 2 by 2 inches
  • Passport was not stamped in the right area of the application

Not Following A Passport Template

Your nose needs to be straight and aiming at the center of the photograph. There should be some space between your head and the top of the picture. Your eyes should be around one inch from the lower edge or bottom of the passport photo.

Bad Photo Background

A plain white background without wrinkles. There should not be anything that causes shadows in the passport. In order to do this, you can go to a passport agency or use a big poster board or a white sheet to create this neutral white background.

Bad Lighting

Again shadows shouldn’t be present on your passport photo. Additionally, your face shouldn’t be too brightly lit or darkly lit.

Don’t apply any image filters to the photo. There should be natural saturation throughout the image. You want a finer tone when you print the photo.

For more passport photo best practices, read this post.

The Wrong Accessories Or Wardrobe

Eyeglasses are no longer accepted on passports. Unless you have a medical certification claiming that removing your glasses can cause harm, then you must keep them on.

You should not wear headbands or other headwear such as bows or scarves or hats. Avoid uniforms or camouflage in your photos and use neutral clothing. One exemption is religious clothing, so you can wear items such as turbans or hijabs.

However, this requires a signed statement. You may not wear facial piercings in the passport photo.

The Wrong Pose

Your head should be at about 90 degrees looking right into the lens. Do not smile or frown. Your expressions should be neutral and relaxed.

What Happens If A Passport Photo Is Rejected?

First, you will get a notification that your passport has been rejected with instructions on how to apply again due to your incorrect photo.

If you go through an agency, they will be responsible for informing you of the reasons for your passport rejection or the reasons that the photo was not valid.

Once you get your official letter, you can then resubmit the proper photo using the instructions and regulations to avoid complications and speed up the process.

This typically includes creating a new photograph, attaching further supporting documentation, and then sending everything back to the right department within 90 days after you receive the letter.

Get Your Passport Faster

To get your passport rushed today, reach out to the experts for expedited passports in Atlanta at the Passport Express.

Our agency professionals will help you ensure you have the right photograph, documentation, and everything you need for a fast, efficient passport application. That way, you can stop worrying about what happens if a passport picture is rejected, and start planning your vacation.

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