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How Long Is A Child’s Passport Valid? What You Should Know

How Long Is A Child’s Passport Valid? What You Should Know

If you’re wondering how long are children’s passports good for, then you’re in the right place. A lot of people look to get passports at an Atlanta passport agency in order for their children in order to travel with them.

Additionally, it’s popular to get a passport when someone is no longer a minor but becomes an adult for the first time at age 18. However, this can bring a lot of confusion. So let’s clear up some of the misconceptions about minor passports.

That way you can understand whether or not you need to get a new passport for minors.

When Do Passports Expire For Minors?

So without further ado, let’s get into “How long is a child’s first passport valid for?”

The first and most obvious time that a minor’s passport expires is based off of the date that it says on the passport. This is typically 5 to 10 years. Another scenario in which a minor would have to get a new passport is if they’ve had changes that significantly change the look of their facial area.

This could include cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery, facial tattoos, gender changes, or significant weight changes.

Furthermore, if the passport has been damaged extensively from wear and tear, or the passport’s been stolen, then it will need to be renewed. And finally, marital status changes would require a new passport.

Special Circumstances: How Long Are Minor Passports Valid For?

If the child is younger than 16 years of age, a DS-11 is needed. In this case, the passport is valid for 5 years. Additionally, if the child received the passport before their 16th birthday, they won’t be able to renew it after the expiration date.

According to the US Department of State, you’ll have to get an entirely new passport regardless. However, if the minor is between 16 and 17 years old, they can fill out a DS-11 form, and therefore the passport will be valid for 10 years.

So, how long are children’s passports valid? The answer is that it depends on their specific age until 18.

What Is The Process Of Applying For Passports For Minors?

Children below the age of 18 have to submit the unsigned DS-11 application in person. This can be done at a passport agency like The Passport Express or at the Passport Acceptance Facility in the US.

Both parents must accompany the minor in person, as you need parental consent. However, if both parents cannot attend, then a notarized confirmation from the second parent must be provided.

Alternatively, legal evidence of sole custody can be provided. In order to apply for a child’s passport, you need the following documents:

Evidence Of Identity

This can include a citizenship certificate, passport book, or passport card.

Evidence Of Child’s US Citizenship

A child’s birth certificate, proof of relationship to the child, or birth certificate works for this as well.

Passport Photograph

You need to take a certain size and quality of photographs. You can’t simply pull out your smartphone for your passport application.

Luckily, passport agencies are experts in taking quality and acceptable passport photos for minor applications.

How Long Are Child Passports Good For? Summary

If you have any questions such as” When do children’s passports expire,” then we can help at The Passport Express.

Our team of experts will assist you throughout the entire process of applying for and securing your passport. Additionally, for passport renewal services in Atlanta, rely on our guidance. This goes for both adults and children. So don’t hesitate to contact us today and begin your travel plans.

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