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How To Change Gender In Passports

How To Change Gender In Passports

The U.S. Department of State has now added an unspecified gender marker for all U.S. citizens. So when you apply for your U.S. passport book, you have a new gender option.

Starting in late 2023, citizens will now be able to choose X if they are getting a passport card or using an expedited service.

The X marker for gender will also be available on emergency passports printed at consulates and embassies, passport cards, expedited documents at passport agencies and centers, consular reports of birth abroad, and CRBAs.

Let’s talk about how you can update the gender on your passport to ensure that it accurately reflects how you identify.

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How To Change Gender On Your Passport

If you already have a passport that’s valid, then you can apply for a passport renewal and then update your gender from there. You can either select female, male, or X as a neutral unspecified gender identity when you apply for your new passport book.

It’s incredibly easy to get a passport renewal. You just need your current valid passport and then a new passport photo. Once you have these in hand, fill out a Form DS-82 passport application. Then fill out a check or money order as well to cover the government’s fee.

The Passport Express has made it very easy to get your passport renewal and update your gender. Reach out to us today to begin the process.

Do You Need Medical Documentation To Update Your Gender On Your Passport?

Fortunately, you do not need to provide any kind of documentation or proof to update your gender on your passport, including medical.

This is the case even if the gender on your passport doesn’t match the gender on your other documents.

What Does Self-Certifying Mean?

When you self-certify or self-select your gender, it means that that is the gender that you’d like to have printed on your U.S. passport. Again, your options are female, male, or unspecified, which is X.

Do You Need To Update The Gender On Your Driver’s License Or Birth Certificate?

You do not need to update any other documents or change your gender to provide evidence of your gender for your passport. However, keep in mind that your passport photo needs to match your photo ID.

So ensure that the photo ID that you submit is a recent representation of your appearance.

How Long Does It Take To Process A Passport?

It takes around 8 to 11 weeks to process your passport. So if you are planning on traveling sooner than that, then reach out to the Passport Express.

We can help you speed up the process and ensure you have all the documentation you need to avoid processing errors.

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If you’re looking for info on how to update the gender in your passport, reach out to the experts at the Passport Express — the premier Atlanta passport agency.

We’ll help you expedite any changes and ensure you have everything you need to take your trip. Reach out to Passport Express today and let’s make your vacation seamless.

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